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Book Binding Printing Services in Portland, Or 

High-quality bookbinding should create a final product that is attractive, easy to use and most importantly long-lasting. Our bookbinding service caters effectively for all of your binding and printing needs. Whether you are looking for help with binding your school thesis, business documents, bookbinding, wedding album, magazine collection or family history. Here at Impact Printing, we do it all! 

When it comes to bookbinding printing in Portland, OR, Impact Printing is experienced and reliable. We have a wide range of clients who require the best bookbinding printing service.  

We have served many different industries, and have experience producing case-bound books, bonded or sewn books, turned edge cover, and a lot more. In your next bookbinding printing project, you can also order a customized printing solution to get the exact paper material, inks and size you wanted. 

In-house premium quality bookbinding

Impact Printing is dedicated to producing the best quality bookbinding print in Portland, OR. This means that any bookbinding we produce in our Portland facility follows the highest standards of digital printing, whether it’s a short run book printing, print on demand or offset printing. Only the best receive this qualification in the industry, you can have the peace of mind that your bookbinding project is consistently produced with the utmost care, from the first draft to the finished product. 

Backed by the strongest printing services team in Portland, OR

Working with Impact Printing means you have a whole team of professionals in book publishing and that includes graphic designers, file prep experts, and printing craftsmen to make stunning, custom bookbinding printed products. We are always here to support you! Your designated expert will be assisting you all the way, from providing advice on trim sizes, bookbinding tips to troubleshooting manuscript file problems. We will check your files before your project goes to the printing process to double-check for any file errors. 


Types of Bookbinding you can choose from

Book Binding, also called Book Bindery, is the process by which written or printed pages are assembled and secured inside a cover. 

The cover is in most cases thicker than the interior pages to give the finished book durability. 

Here are some of the most common methods for bookbinding:

Perfect Binding  

Great examples of perfect bound books are the softcover books that you typically see on the  bookstore’s shelves. The cover is usually made from heavier paper stock than the inside pages. The book’s pages and cover are bound together at the spine with a very strong and flexible glue when using the perfect binding method. Then the book’s three open sides are trimmed to give them that clean looking and sharp edges.   

The perfect binding method is also used for catalogs, thick brochures, and manuals, in addition to the common “paperback” book. One of the key benefits is the polished, finished appearance, which is probably why a lot of people prefer perfect binding. 

Spiral Coil Binding

This common binding method uses a plastic or metal coil that is inserted and twisted through tiny holes or slots running along with the cover’s spinal edge and book pages. A benefit of spiral coil binding is that a book can be opened in full 360 allowing it to be lie down completely flat.  

That’s why spiral binding is a perfect option for reports, papers, plans, manuals, and sales presentations.  Pages can be added or removed manually from a spiral-bound book if necessary. 

Saddle Stitching

Saddle Stitching is one of the simplest bookbinding methods and is the most commonly used. Saddle Stitched books are made from folded sheets, which are kept together by staples pushed through the fold creases. Saddle Stitching is the cheapest method of bookbinding and fits well for calendars, booklets, brochures, and pamphlets, etc. 

Hard Cover

A hardcover book can be bound in different forms. Even before the cover is attached, the pages are sewn together with a sturdy thread. A typical hardcover is usually constructed from dense, thick pieces of paper sheets and for an enhanced appearance and longevity, this dense board is usually covered with a glossy coated surface.  

The paper board in many cases are also covered with leather or similar material. Due to the inflexibility of the front and back covers, they have to be made with a flexible hinge to allow the book to be used more easily.  

Because of its more complicated process and durability, Hard Cover binding is the most expensive bookbinding method. That’s why it is used in books that have to be very durable and that will last long such as textbooks, cookbooks, yearbooks, and the bible. 

3-Ring Binder

This traditional method of binding is another way of integrating separate pages into book form. Ringed binders that have loose-leaf pages and tabs are frequently used for  conferences, business meetings, and sales presentations because the tabs allow the user to browse quickly to a particular page. It is also widely used for price lists and operating manuals because pages can easily be added or removed when change is necessary.[Text Wrapping Break] 

High-Quality Book Binding Printing Services Portland, OR

High-quality bookbinding print at Impact Printing is a great investment. Booklet printing services like Impact Printing know that the smallest detail could harm a brand image and so we’ve set our standards high to ensure our bookbinding printing service quality is continuous.  

We deliver the best bookbinding printing service at reasonable prices. Call us today to learn more about Impact Printing and why we have the best quality bookbinding printing service in Portland, OR. 

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