Custom Die-Cutting & Digital Foil Embossed Printing Portland, OR

The last but definitely not least step in the production process….finishing! Technologies keep advancing and we can do some really cool impactful things now. Our digital machine can now print in spot white and spot gloss which opens up a wide range of neat things we can do to really make your prints pop. We can add something as small as round corners or full blown embossed foil with a unique die cut to make your printed pieces really have an impact! Test our boundaries with your ideas and lets see what we can create together!

Custom Die-Cutting & Digital Foil Embossed Printing in Portland, OR 

Among the many ways of promoting your business, Digital Printing has become more popular with the help of technology. Comparing it with the traditional way of using silkscreens and other printing methods, most businesses have chosen Digital Printing for their marketing needs. A unique way of printing your promotional materials using digital printing is called Custom Die-Cutting & Digital Foil Embossed Printing.

Here at Impact Printing, we produce the highest quality custom die cutting and Digital foil embossed printing materials in Portland, OR. 

Custom Die Cutting 

First things first! Your logo speaks for your company. The first thing that any reader or a prospective client will look at is your business logo. You can’t find an easy way to make your logo and promotional material pop, than Custom Die Cutting. Imagine how much more a business car stands out if it’s an oval, rather than a rectangle.  

Strange as it may sound custom die-cutting works much the same way a cookie-cutter does. It uses a sharp blade to cut the edge of an artwork forming specific shapes from circles to squares, from holes to curves, from stair-stepped to rounded corners.  

It starts with a die (a sharp thin metal blade embedded into a block of wood) to insure a consistent cutting process. The paper is pressed using a metal plate or a cylinder which cuts the shape into the paper. Then, uncut ticks left around the edge which holds the cut shape in the parent sheet are trimmed by hand.  

Should you want to consider custom die cutting, here are some considerations that you need to check to have a good output for your design:  

  • Always avoid sharp corners and acute angles. After the die-cutting process, they can tear when the matrix is removed, resulting in waste. 
  • When you want holes, leave enough room between the edge and hole inside your label. Small plastic strips are likely to break out during removal. 
  • Always use a bleed area at least 1/16″ past the edges of your design artwork. This helps avoid unintended white spaces. 

Remember that your company logo is a key factor in getting a potential customer ttake a closer look at what you have to offer. Let your logo speak for you — that’s what die-cutting does.  

Digital Foil Embossed Printing 

Where die-cutting logos and brochures will help them stand out because of their shape, foil stamping will add depth and shine to attract the eye of consumers. It is typically used for printing items such as currency notes, greeting cards, wedding invites, book covers, artworks, etc.  

In addition, foil stamping finds its place in the packaging industry. Foil stamping is a fast and simple way to add a glamorous element and an eye-catching effect, from stickers, labels, or scratch and win tags. And you may want to use Digital Foil Embossed Printing if your business provides these services. 

There are two kinds of Foil Printing and these are The Traditional and the Digital Foil Embossed Printing.  


  • Traditional Foil Printing begins with the design being etched on a metal plate called a foiling die. This foil die is exposed in heat and applied with pressure towards the surface of the material causing it to shape on the surface.   


  • Digital Foil stamping is similar to the traditional foil printing but the only difference is that the image is digitally printed before it is exposed under heat pressure, and is imprinted on the surface of the material.  


Digital Foil Printing also grabs attention but it differs from the traditional Foil Printing in the following ways:  


  • Speed – Since there is no need for too much plate pressure and ink, digital foil printing reduces the amount of time spent during production.  
  • Options and Personalization – Because the process and images are computer generated, limitations are reduced in design and editing 
  • Flexibility – Since it is digitally printed, you can have another set of mass production should the need arise. The computer stored design can be accessed and another production run can begin immediately instead of physically swapping out plates. 
  • High Visibility – Digital prints are more appealing to the eye of the client as compared with traditional printing. Most prints have refined edges and better quality than other printing methods.  


Foil stamping techniques are commonly used and valued, from basic business cards to brochures, invitation cards, or standard business stationery. 

High-quality custom die-cutting & digital foil embossed printing in Portland, OR 

Are looking for a custom die-cutting and digital foil embossed printing service in Portland, OR for a unique and more eye-catchy promotional material? Then our team of experts and friendly staff at Impact Printing is always here to meet your expectations and guarantee your satisfaction. Contact us now! 

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