Perforated Printing Services Portland, OR

The last but definitely not least step in the production process….finishing! Technologies keep advancing and we can do some really cool impactful things now. Our digital machine can now print in spot white and spot gloss which opens up a wide range of neat things we can do to really make your prints pop. We can add something as small as round corners or full blown embossed foil with a unique die cut to make your printed pieces really have an impact! Test our boundaries with your ideas and lets see what we can create together!

Perforated Printing Services in Portland, OR

Give your customers a reason to save your card, keeping your message with them longer. Impact Printing provides custom design perforated cards for tickets, vouchers, discounts, invites and business cards. Using perforated & custom perforated cards to your customers will leave a nice impression of your business.  

Enjoy your perforated cards and prints. Simple design and high-quality perforated printing in Portland, OR. Only with Impact Printing! 

We will deliver you a high-quality perforated card printing service that will print tickets, perforated invitations, and perforated coupon cards. Impact Printing serves a wide range of businesses and customers in Portland, OR that are looking for printing services for perforated business cards, stickers, etc. Work with us today and have the peace of mind of getting a high-quality service for all your printing needs. 

What is Perforation? 

Perforation is a method that is used in the printing industry to allow two parts of the material to be easily separated, such as allowing the paper to be torn along the line. This kind of printing method is commonly used for coupons, calendars, postage stamps, and flyers. Perforation allows extra-thick papers to be folded without creating creases. 

How can Impact Printing help you? 

Impact Printing applies perforation using up-to-date and modern special equipment and specific guidelines for perforating. 

Folding machines use attached disk knives to perforate material, moving around the machine table. Then special pressing equipment applies just the right pressure in the desired direction to create the perforation lines. 

Even the smallest detail is very important in the perforation process: the holes must be exactly perforated, the edges must be smooth, and also the careful removal of perforated elements from the product is crucial.  

Most of us have had a run in with perforation that fell apart, couldn’t be torn as indicated, or hung up part way through tearing. Quality perforation work keeps you and your customers from becoming frustrated.  

Our experts at Impact Printing treat every detail carefully, complete your order in a timely manner and we make sure all of your requirements are fulfilled. 

Rules for making printed perforated products 

Perforating is one of the best printing methods which is widely used in the printing industry. This type of printing method is very important because it makes it easy for a person to tear away sections of a leaflet, card, or flyer. It is easy to think that the method of producing perforated printing materials is easy and effortless. However, those who provide perforated printing services now there are some rules follow to get things right. 

Perforation Lines for Brochures 

You may insert only one perforation line in each of the four-sided brochures. The line must run parallel to the spine of the brochure, and not cross into it.  

The goal of a perforated brochure is to provide more information than is portable, but allowing a smaller bit of paper to be removed and taken away with a potential consumer. If this is done poorly, the result is a torn brochure or one that people don’t bother to remove a bit and take it with them. Keeping the rules in mind is crucial in order to prevent any mishaps and expensive misprints. 

Paper Weight 

Perforations is a very effective printing method but they do have their own drawbacks and limits that’s why you should take into account the paper weight. Perforations on papers weighing 80gsm is not possible. The recommended weight for perforation is 135gsm and above. 

Perforation Lines for Leaflets 

In terms of adding the perforation lines, leaflets essentially have the same set of rules, but it also has a few special rules. The lines still have to run parallel but now they have to run parallel to the crease as well. It only has a maximum of 3 lines of perforation and the minimum distance has to be 60 mm for each line. 

One and Two-Sided Print 

For this type of printing product, the perforation lines will stop halfway and do not extend from one end of the package to the other. Bear in mind that you can only add one single line of orthogonal and right-angled perforation. 

Perforation Line Insertion 

There are several methods that you can do to insert the perforation lines successfully into the printing product. One effective approach is by adding up to 6 lateral lines that are 10 mm apart. 

Folded Printing Products 

Printing materials that are folded or fold-able have special circumstances. Since they are supposed to be folded, you will need to double-check the perforation lines to make sure they run parallel to the fold. 

Perforation Lines for Flyers 

As with brochures, you insert can insert lines running parallel, not across any spine or fold  because of their characteristics. But here, you can have a maximum of six perforation lines. The paper weight of at least 135gsm will produce the best results and a minimum distance of 10 mm apart. 

Artwork Perforation Line 

To correctly mark the line of perforation on the artwork, the rule of thumb is either to attach a template to the artwork that will represent the line’s position and be named accordingly, or the artwork may already have dotted lines on the space where the line is required. 

Professional Perforated Printing Services in Portland, OR 

We at Impact Printing understand that quality printing solutions helps showcases your business. We always aim to achieve the best result for your marketing campaign! High standards are our priority, ensuring consistent quality results and excellence. 

From business cards to signs for events, promotional items, financial reports, lightboxes, stickers you name it. You can never go wrong with the quality here at Impact Printing, your reliable and professional printing service in Portland, OR. Contact us today! 

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