Sign and Poster Printing Services in Portland, OR

There is no size too large for our capabilities. From signage and posters to billboards and vehicles wraps we have
you covered when size matters. We can help you make an impact and grab your customers attention!

Sign & Poster Printing Services Portland Oregon 

Our custom-printed posters and signs here at Impact Printing are a useful and eye-catching marketing tool that can educate and capture the public’s attention about your business, brand or event in Portland, OR. 

They can help businesses and organizations put their marketing and promotional campaigns into action by using compelling images, attention-grabbing headlines, convincing copy and matching graphics. 

Whether you need to market new services and products from your business or you want to broadcast an upcoming event, our personalized high-quality posters and signs can easily get your message across to a large audience. Our high-res, full-color posters can be fully customized depending on your taste, and are available in different paper types and sizes. 

Impact Printing has the ability to provide a fast turnaround service to a wide variety of businesses, retail shops, non-profit organizations, corporations, schools, universities, and many others in Portland, OR and surrounding areas by using our cutting-edge printing technology.  

We treat every project with utmost care and great attention to detail, no matter how big or small. Our professional graphic designers can also help you design your customized posters and signs. 

The Benefits of Signs and Posters for your Business 

If you are looking for an eye-catching marketing tool that gets you results then large format marketing materials like posters and signage may just be what you’re looking for.  

Large printing grabs attention more effectively and it is the perfect way to get your customers and prospects to remember your business. 

What’s more, the incredible technologies and innovations available to us today means that we can create eye-catching posters and signage on a wide scale. And with so many creative materials to choose from – you have the ideal opportunity to build buzz around your brand. 

You’ll stand out more in your local area 

Your branding needs to be recognizable to customers in your local area. Therefore, information about your business that is accessible at the eye-sight level of a customer is more likely to attract their attention while shopping. Printed marketing materials like posters and signage are a very effective way of advertising your goods and services. 

Your business will get noticed more at trade shows 

Large printed marketing materials like Posters and Signage is a perfect way to help your company stand out from the crowd at a busy trade show or exhibit in Portland, OR.  

Posters and signage from Impact Printing allows you to emphasize your company logo, company messages and professionally made graphics that all help to draw visitors and make it easy for your potential customers to discover your business. Portable banners have the extra advantage because you can place them wherever you see fit to get the best view at the tradeshow. 

Cost-effective marketing tool  

Posters and signs are the ideal way to make your business become the main attraction and gain more brand recognition. If you are looking for a great poster or signage, then you have a cost-effective way to market your products and services.

Keep in mind that people who look at your poster or signage are already engaged with their surroundings.  

Anywhere your potential customers are waiting is a great place for a sign; in a bus queue, lined up for an event, or waiting to cross the street. Call-to-actions encourages your potential customers to take action such as looking up your website, a store visit, generate calls to your business or redeeming a special offerBy including a call-to-action in your printed material you turn the brand awareness opportunity into a customer transaction.

You can target a large audience in the right place 

Large format marketing and promotional materials can be placed anywhere and can be seen by just about anyone. For example, it’s not uncommon for food companies or restaurants to use posters or signage near transport terminals to attract hungry commuters on their way home or to work. By doing this strategy you are not just reaching anyone but you are targeting strategically those people who are most likely to become a potential customer. 

High-Quality Sign and Poster Printing Services in Portland, OR 

Every business and organization would benefit a great deal from printing and distributing their custom posters and signs.  

Don’t hesitate to contact Impact Printing in Portland now and our custom poster printing services will make your message stand out from the rest!  


Our company works within your budget and gives you the most cost-effective solution! 

Let us help you make a big impact