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 Trade Show Banner Printing Services in Portland, Oregon 

If you want to have a successful trade show, you needs these two things: getting noticed at the event, and staying in the awareness of those who attended even long after they leave.  

Having a high-quality trade show banner and signs will attract attendees and can take attention away from your competitors. Although, you should keep in mind the type and size of the tradeshow booth and length of the message you’ll need when deciding what kind of banner to choose. It’s also helpful to picture its placement in the event.  

You can also try a vinyl banner hanging high to better attract the attention of attendees, or maybe perhaps a poster sign placed strategically on an easel to capture people across the aisle? 

Here at Impact Printing, we can provide you a well designed and high-quality tradeshow banner for your exhibit in Portland, OR. Contact us today so we can discuss our many  printing options available for your project. 

Benefits of a High-Quality Trade Show Banner 

Over the years, new technology and social media have changed the world of marketing, but Portland’s trade show banners remain a very important tool for marketing and promoting your products or services. Studies show that about 75% of consumers stated they had told others about a business solely because of its signage. 

The professionals at Impact Printing, Portland’s top and reliable tradeshow printing service are familiar with the advantages that come with a high-quality and well-designed trade show banner. Having a high-quality tradeshow banner has plenty of benefits, don’t miss out on your exhibit with a lousy tradeshow banner.  

Here are some of the benefits: 

A well-designed quality tradeshow banner allows you to engage with your target audience. 

Trade shows are a perfect opportunity to engage with your potential customers face-to-face. Attendees who want to visit trade shows are already driven to pay attention to your products and services; all you have to do is ensure that your presentation is capable of drawing them in. 

A well-designed banner at a trade show in Portland, OR can go one step further and ensures you connect with your target audience. Using the appropriate designs and style will let potential clients know exactly what your business is about. 

Establishes your brand 

Trade show banners also give you the chance to establish your brand. Not only can a successful presentation generate sales and create new business partnerships, but it can also help you stand out as a powerful player in your industry. 

Branding is very crucial for success in business and will also help you put yourself on the map within your target market. The right banner design along with quality printing will prove that your business should be taken seriously as a reliable supplier of goods and services. 

Well-designed trade show banners will help you create a long-lasting impression 

A well-designed trade show banner will help you build a long-lasting impression in the minds of your potential customers long after the trade show is over. A carefully planned booth with catchy banners can attract and hold the attendees’ attention. 

Trade show banners from Impact Printing allows you to maintain engagement by getting participants to connect to you on social media.  

Trade Show Banner Design Tips  

So how do you design your trade show banners for a portland trade show?  

While you should aim to stay true to your particular tastes or your own personal preferences, there are a few basic guidelines that you should try to adhere to:  

  • Choose a minimalist color scheme that will attract attendees to help draw focus on your tradeshow banner. 
  • Use custom-designed furniture for the trade show, rather than your home or basic office furniture. 
  • Make sure your booth is lit with soft white lighting. Too much or strong lighting can be difficult in the eyes of attendees which can turn them away. 

Quality Trade Show Printing in Portland, OR 

Create an eye-catching trade show booth and keep the attendees with handouts long after they leave their goods and services in mind. At Impact Printing, you’ll find a wide range of trade show products to make your booth and exhibit unforgettable.  

You’ll also need quality print materials to showcase your goods and services. Choose from a range of items including brochures, sheets to sell, directories to present, business cards, rack cards, and more. 

Use premium trade show displays and marketing products from Impact Printing to generate sales and attract attention to your products and services. Contact us today! 

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