Digital Printing for Packages in Portland, OR

Digital Printing for Packaging Portland, Oregon 

Digital Printing for Packaging opens the door to innovative and fresh opportunities for marketing. Our workflow here at Impact Printing and our up-to-date fleet of equipment allows us to meet the printing needs of businesses and brands, whether big or small. 

What is Digital Printing? 

Digital printing is the method of printing from a digital file created on a computer using graphic software like Photoshop or Gimp is directly printed onto the material.  Digital Printing is different from the traditional method. The process removes most of the steps needed for traditional methods of printing, such as color proofs, requires no printing plates, and manually sewing the pieces together. 


Why Choose Digital Printing for Packaging? 

Digital printing provides brands and customers huge benefits that traditional methods simply can not provide. By not being dependent on printing plates, which can only print one color at a time, ensures that digital printing delivers the color spectrum in full CMYK without the extra effort.  


Digital Printing can also achieve gradients and different effects in detail without the challenges introduced by printing plates. Another advantage is there is no more waiting time and no additional expense to produce custom printing plates, resulting in lower costs and a quicker timeframe when starting the printing production. 

Benefits of Digital Printing for Packaging 

The advantages of digital printing have reached the packaging industry and it is particularly ideal for small and medium print runs. In addition, it paves the way for custom packaging and attractive displays. Such packaging is needed in a competitive world if you want your brand to have an impact in a short amount of time. 

Nothing makes your unique product look more professional than being souranded by packaging with your unique brand on it. In this regard, Digital Printing is the best, when it comes to an economical way to package new products and thus increasing its popularity.  


Here are some benefits of Digital Printing for packaging: 

High-Quality Print 

Digital Printing is capable of producing high-quality results on any type of material such as cloth, paper, wood, cardboard, and even metal. That is why it is very ideal in the packaging and display industry. A4 color and white processes with spot varnish allow creative and unique packaging results. Different techniques can be used to produce better print quality depending on the application needed. 

Makes your Brand more Enticing 

Packaging is one of the first ways to achieve market appeal. However, the packaging and presentation should be enticing enough to make the product stand out. Both of these objectives can be achieved by using Digital Printing.  

With Digital Printing, businesses can create a number of packaging designs with a faster product cycle even for smaller volumes projects. This makes A/B testing more affordable. 

Fast Turnaround Time 

Digital Printing helps businesses address complex challenges by maximizing their output as compared with traditional methods. A Digital Printing process is 10-14 days faster than a traditional printing process with improved performance and quick set-up times. This works best for short runs such as demos, mock-ups, and products that sell fast. This saves time and resources and helps reduce overruns.  


Digital printing is a very cost-effective packaging option especially for customers who are looking for an alternative to traditional offset printing. It does not require any die-cut tool-driven process or printing plates which is an extra upfront cost for a company or small business. Because of its lower setup costs, it is perfect for small to medium print runs. Digital printing paves the way for professional brand-protective packaging and in-store displays using customized printing without the need for large manufacturing set-ups.  

Digital Printing is very flexible because you don’t need to order in bulk or make an extra effort just to maintain high available stocks. The business owner has complete control to maximize their supply chain with digital printing. Digital printed packaging, labels, and displays have now become popular in this increasingly growing industry. 


Easily Customizable 

Digital Printing allows its customers a wide variety of customization options that allows changing the design or copy on a per-item basis. Offset printing prints the contents of the plate on the printing material and can not be changed without altering the printing plate. But with Digital Printing, every unit can be customized easily without any difficult setups.  

Different packaging styles and designs on packaging boxes can be personalized according to customer requirements. For example, on every printing piece, a name can be changed to customize it accordingly. This also allows further tuning and tweaking to achieve the optimal results. 

To get high-quality digital printed packaging, you’ll need to find the right digital printing company. We provide a wide variety of packaging solutions for many different businesses, and our experts can work with you to create digitally printed packaging that are perfect for your product while staying within your budget.  

Contact Impact Printing today to learn more about our Digital Printing services. Our team of experts is ready to help you create beautiful packaging that showcases your product and your brand. 

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