Digital Printing in Portland, OR

Digital Printing Portland, OR 

At Impact Printing, we fill up the void left behind by traditional printing. Printing jobs that were once too expensive and take too much time to finish can now be produced at a reasonable price and in a fraction of the time. There is no need to buy in bulk just to get the price you wanted. 

We support all graphic softwares, from native files to PDF files that are ready for printing. You can provide your files to us through online, by email, or you may contact us to schedule a pickup and delivery. 

We use state-of-the-art equipment and produce quality products that our competition cannot beat. Contact us, we are happy to send you samples. 

We provide high-quality and cost-effective printing services that you deserve. 

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What is Digital Printing? 

Digital printing is the method of printing from a digital file created on a computer using graphic software like Photoshop or Gimp, which is then directly printed onto the material. The process removes most of the steps needed for traditional methods of printing such as color proofs or manually sewing the pieces together. It requires no printing plates.  

How does Digital Printing work? 

The file needed for printing is forwarded directly to the printer through a digital file such as PDF, JPG (or many other digital formats). This is ideal for printing projects that only need a small quantity but with a high amount of detail. There are also no pre-press stages to think about between the document files and the finished product for digital printing. 

In addition, digital printing bypasses many of the messy issues that go hand in hand with traditional printing methods; including materials like photo chemicals, formatting equipment, and film plates. 

Why should you choose Digital Printing? 

The digital printing technique has become trend in the market today.  In fact, because of the many advantages of this method it is now the most common method used when printing in small quantities. 

Compared with most traditional printing methods out there, it offers more versatility, options and features. By using a printing process like digital printing, you will have the peace of mind that the printing order would be accurate and up-to-date. 

Today’s consumers need printers that can produce cheap, superior and an accurate printing results within the shortest amount of time possible. When you are looking for a printing solution – digital printing is the perfect way for you.  

It pays to have an understanding about the many advantages of digital printing before you settle on the best printing method for your needs. 

What are some advantages of digital printing? 

Offset printing produces better quality than digital printing, but it comes with high initial production setup cost and is not the most cost-effective approach when not printing in large quantities.  

This is where digital printing comes in, and here are some of its advantages: 

Environment-friendly: Although it still requires ink and chemicals, there are no pre-pressing procedures like offset printing, so there’s no need for plates, chemicals and extra materials. 

Printing directly onto the material saves a lot! 

Fast Turnaround: Because there are no pre-press procedures and covers, the initial setup time is minimized and you can get your prints quicker than offset printing. 

No initial setup and costs: When it comes to initial setup, there’s no extra cost of making the plates and that is an additional saving, but only if you’re going for smaller numbers. Offset printing is still the champion for high-volume printing because once it is set up, the price per unit is much lower. 

Printing in Small Batches: When you want to print in hundreds or even thousands, the setup expense of offset printing is not practical. With digital printing, you can print in small batches and you don’t have to be concerned about any major setup expenses. 

Customization: Offset printing imprints the content of the plate directly onto the material, ensuring the content is permanently set and can no longer be modified. There’s no such thing in digital printing, you can always easily modify each print unit without much trouble. For example where only one specific area is changed while the rest remains the same, you can say, print different names on wedding cards. 

Consistency: With digital printing, you can print samples to test color consistency so you are certain that you are printing exactly what you wanted. Tweaking colors and their properties is simple, but with offset printing, the entire process is much trickier because ink and water separates. 

If you’re looking for custom prints in small or large runs, digital printing is the way to go. Simple, versatile and inexpensive, digital printing is definitely worth the money! 

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